Global Medical Device Consulting

Our services

Reduce time spent searching for materials and engineering solutions by up to 50%


  • Selection, substitution and rationalisation

  • Problem solving and idea generation

  • REACH/MDR compliance/toxicological risk/supply risk

  • Assessment of regulatory and supply risk and opportunities to reduce environmental impact

  • Equivalency studies and regulatory support

  • Assessment and potential replacement of polymers in products affected by the European Green Deal and CSS

  • Material change justification and support

  • Multilayer material modelling, development and testing

  • Failure analysis

  • Raw material development, sourcing and supply

  • Material strategy and information management

Product development

  • Market- and research-led product development

  • Idea and IP generation

  • Concept development

  • New product introduction, development and testing

  • Project management

  • Collaborative projects, feasibility studies and bid writing services for R&D grant applications

  • Rapid prototyping and Additive Manufacturing


  • Optimising and automating for increased manufacturing throughput

  • Troubleshooting of thermoplastic moulding and extrusion problems

  • Tooling services - save time, effort and cost by finding production tooling faster and more reliably

  • Optimising and automating for increased manufacturing throughput

  • Troubleshooting of thermoplastic moulding and extrusion problems

  • Extrusion of platinum catalysed addition cured HCR

  • LSR moulding

  • Optimisation and automation of work steps for increased throughput

  • Scaling tooling and equipment

Business development

  • Business plan development

  • STP modelling and marketing mix

  • Strategic redirection

  • Business turnaround

  • Partnerships and strategic alliances

  • Business diversification into new markets

Environment and sustainability

  • European Green Deal and CSS support

  • Evaluating, categorising and rating polymer materials with respect to regulatory and supply risk, primary production energy, CO2, water, processing energy, recycling, end of life and eco-indicators

  • Identifying drop-in replacement or substitute materials that minimise eco-costs relative to current materials and that maximise sustainability outcomes

  • Recyclate mechanical testing and composition analysis

  • Recycled packaging testing

  • Materials selection, substitution and sourcing

  • Material rationalisation and reduction

  • Implementing sustainable procurement practices

  • Integrating sustainability information into the production and reporting cycle

  • Implementing sustainable material strategies

  • Supply chain risk assessment and mitigation

  • Recycling logistics and environmental impact assessment

Training and development

  • Introduction to materials selection and substitution: avoiding common pitfalls 

  • Derisking the product development process

  • Developing and implementing a global materials strategy

  • New Venture Creation and start up support

  • Effective problem solving: Intuitive and systematic approaches 

  • Problem solving tools: picking the right approach for the right context 

  • Fundamentals first approach to troubleshooting: material, process and product failure case studies

  • Ensuring plastics supply chain integrity; Understanding recycled material properties, process histories and environmental impact

  • Design for sustainability in a plastics context: translating sustainability into tangible business benefits

  • Plastics materials selection in design and manufacturing

  • Proven approaches to reducing cost and risk in product, product-service and system development


Our experts are world-renowned material science, engineering and manufacturing professionals, providing expertise across the whole manufacturing and product life cycle. Chances are that we've already solved the problem that you are working on or have a strong frame of reference for what you are trying to accomplish.