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At GPC our roots are in world-class global contract manufacturing, serving pharmaceutical, medical and consumer industries. Today, we are combining that experience with advanced materials knowledge, specialist tools and product development services; an approach that is proving invaluable to clients from a diverse range of projects across many industries.

GPC has extensive experience in helping companies to respond rapidly and effectively to manufacturing problems. We also offer bespoke in-house pilot solutions for clients seeking to develop new processes and/or applications. We save you time, effort and money by ensuring the best use of your resources, and help you to deliver outcomes that are cost effective, timely and implementable. 

Choose your area of interest below to find out how our services, technologies and resources can help meet your requirements.

Services and related technologies include:

  • Feasibility studies for product and process development

  • R&D and pilot production solutions

  • Rationalising and reducing manufacturing operations raw material spend

  • Rapid response to manufacturing crises

  • Optimising manufacturing productivity and throughput

  • Training and development

Specific projects undertaken to date include:


  • Introduction of company-wide raw materials strategy

  • Silicone operations start up support: warehousing and handling of Pt-catalysed addition cure materials, milling, extrusion, punching and drilling, tip shaping and assembly.

  • Extrusion of platinum-catalysed addition cured HCR

  • Optimising LSR moulding and extrusion processes

  • Automating and scaling of silicone operations for increased throughput

  • Resolving catheter warping issue

  • Resolving thermoplastic catheter kinking issue

  • Resolving balloon-catheter bonding issues

  • Resolving part contamination issues

  • Resolving ventilator tubing cracking issue

  • Set up and commissioning of pilot production lines

"David has the processing background to go along with materials expertise, which puts him in a unique class of individuals that have experience and knowledge to be successful with any application"

Steve Smith, Manufacturing Engineering Specialist, West Pharmaceutical Services

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