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Mechanical testing

Mechanical Testing

GPC offers a  range of mechanical testing capabilities to determine or verify the physical properties of polymers performing under a variety of mechanical loading conditions.  Using ASTM/ISO/DIN standards and/or custom testing, our procedures ensure that your materials are suitable for their intended applications.

We put fundamentals first and offer an approach that is unbiased, efficient and informed with respect to user, quality, regulatory and manufacturing constraints; and augment this with services that ensure consistent, logical, comprehensive and easy to understand results. 

Please find our services and related technologies below. We would also be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services.

Features and benefits

  • Bluehill® Universal Software for materials and components

  • Advanced data security, versioning, and traceability

  • Pre-configured ASTM/ISO/DIN test methods

  • Biomedical material module (ASTM F2256-05, ASTM F2606-08, ISO 7886-1 Annex G, ASTM F2458-05, ASTM F88-15, ASTM F2516-14, DIN EN 455-2)

  • Thermoplastics and TPE modules (ASTM D638-10, ASTM D695-10, ASTM D790-10, ASTM D882-10, ASTM D1894-11e1, ASTM D6272-10, ASTM D1004, ASTM D178-13, ISO 178 (2010), ISO527-2 (2012), ISO 527-3 (1995), ISO 604 (2002)

  • Elastomers (ASTM D412-06ae1, ASTM D413-98 (2007), ASTM D429-08, ASTM D575-91 (2007), ASTM D624-00 (2007), ASTM D1414-94 (2008), EN 455-2 (2000), ISO 34-1 (2010), ISO 37 (2011), ISO 813 (2010)

  • Fibrous/Non-woven/textile materials ASTM D2256-02 (2008), ASTM D2261-07a, ASTM D5034-08, ASTM D5035-06 (2008e1), ASTM D5587-08, ISO 2062 (1995), ISO 9073-3 (1989), ISO 9073-4 (1997), ISO 13934-1 (1999), ISO 13934-2 (1999), ISO 13935-1 (1999), ISO 13936-1 (2004), ISO 13936-2 (2004)

  • Polymer blends, composites,  elastomers, biomedical materials, adhesives, non-woven fabrics, and device components

  • Capability for tension, compression, flexure, stress-relaxation, creep, peel, tear and friction testing

  • Comprehensive calculation library including user-defined calculations

  • Custom and standard test development


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