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Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Integrity (SCI) is key to sustainable supply chain management and to preserving company and corporate reputation. SCI in a manufacturing and retail context means: socially and environmentally responsible sourcing, production and logistics; monitoring and managing supply-side risks, and providing customers and other stakeholders with more information about product provenance. 

Supply-side risks for plastics manufacturers are real and can arise due to supply chain disruption, fragmentation, discontinuation and/or regulatory constraints (Critical materials and Reach legislation), as well as fluctuations in energy prices. Better sustainability decisions in a plastics recycling context also requires an understanding of the drivers that make product materials more recyclable and that retain their intrinsic value, as well as having an understanding of the environmental impact of recycling itself. 

We undertake many assignments for the plastics industry and help customers to analyse and derisk their supply chains, providing unbiased independent consulting, training and technological services that translate sustainability into tangible business benefits. Additionally, we can help companies to monitor their circular economy programmes and to verify that the model they've designed for is actually being delivered.

Please find our services and related technologies below, and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services.

Services and related technologies

  • Circular economy programme monitoring

  • Supply chain risk assessment and mitigation

  • Recycling vendor audits

  • Life cycle assessment

  • Recycling logistics and environmental impact assessment

  • Recyclate mechanical testing and composition analysis

  • Recycled packaging testing

  • Materials information management

  • Materials selection, substitution and sourcing

  • Material rationalisation and reduction

  • Training and development: Ensuring plastics supply chain integrity; Understanding recycled material properties, process histories and environmental impact.

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