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About us

GPC is a leading independent technological services and consulting company. We provide select sourcing of materials and manufacturing engineering solutions globally; helping you to develop incisive, practical and cost-effective solutions that you and your customers really need.

Our mission is transforming advanced materials knowledge, know-how and services into sustainable, practical business solutions. 

We are dedicated to combining the best materials, design and sustainability thinking; an approach that is proving invaluable to clients seeking to generate real competitive advantage. Our breadth and depth of experience in materials, technology and operations, coupled with specialist knowledge of sustainability, means that we are ideally placed to help companies manage systems and product risks arising due to materials; and to  support sustainable approaches to product development and manufacture.


  • Fundamentals first

  • Persistence

  • Sustainability

Operating principles:

  • Combine and apply the best materials, manufacturing and business thinking

  • Perform exactly like the requirement or change it to what our customer really needs

  • Deliver lasting value

  • Global reach and outlook

Meet the team

David Johnson

Managing Principal Consultant

David has extensive national and international technical leadership experience, with over 25 years spent in R&D and operations roles within the plastics and silicone Industry in North America, Europe and South East Asia. He is inventor and designer of several innovative devices and products, holds a number of patents, and has published many peer reviewed technical papers. David holds a BSc (Hons) in Polymer Technology from Athlone Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Advanced Materials from Cranfield University, UK where he undertook research for BASF, Ludwigshafen. He has extensive experience supporting companies in the design, development, manufacture and analysis of engineered products and has served as Engineer, Director and Chief Technical Officer. Prior to founding Global Polymer Consulting, David worked for a number of companies including Teleflex, Medtronic, Inamed (Allergan) and Tech Group. David also holds an MBA from Durham University Business School, with distinction. David's recent projects include precision tooling for medical devices, cardiovascular product development, ultrasound catheterisation, floating solar applications, material formulation and additive selection.

Deborah Lowe

Design Consultant

Deborah holds qualifications in CAD, design and printing, as well as further qualifications in education, training and coaching. She also has international experience having successfully led a start-up company in the Middle East. Deborah is passionate about learning and development, is a talented researcher and is qualified to Master’s degree level (National University of Ireland, Galway), with distinction. Deborah’s recent projects include designing a novel transradial device and sustainable development training programmes.

Rutuja Runwal

Polymer Consultant

Rutuja is an experienced polymer engineer and materials consultant. Key areas of technical experience include composites, bio-polymers, material selection and material additives. Rutuja holds a BEng, with first class honours, from Pune University, India. Rutuja’s academic achievements were also recognised when she was awarded the 'Paresh Darshani Memorial Award', with a Gold Medal, for achieving a distinction in all four years of her bachelor’s degree. Rutuja's current interests include material selection, medical device product development, biodegradable polymers and compatibilisation of dissimilar polymers. Prior to joining GPC she worked with SKYi Composites, India.

Global resources where and when you need them:

Tap into a global network of material science, engineering and manufacturing professionals, providing expertise across the whole manufacturing and product life cycle. Chances are that we've already solved the problem that you are working on or have a strong frame of reference for what you are trying to accomplish.  

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