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Materials Selection and Evaluation

Getting materials choices right is an essential first step towards building products that deliver the right combination of safety, efficacy, cost effectiveness, manufacturability and sustainability; and helps to avoid unnecessary delays in the product development process. 

We put fundamentals first and offer an approach that is unbiased, efficient and informed with respect to user, quality, regulatory and manufacturing constraints; and augment this with services that ensure consistent, logical, comprehensive and easy to understand results. We also undertake many on-site assignments providing a resourceful extension of in-house resources.

Please find our services and related technologies below. We would also be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services.

Services and related technologies

  • Advanced material selection, modelling and development

  • Tailored gas permeability films, membranes and barrier layers for optimal performance and shelf life

  • Novel blends and advanced polyolefins in a multilayer format up to 5 layers

  • PVC substitution solutions and equivalency studies

  • Polymer blends, composites,  elastomers, biomedical materials, adhesives, non-woven fabrics, and device components

  • Informed material selection for sustainability and recyclability

  • Materials development and analysis

  • Multilayer gas barrier analysis

  • High value breakthrough materials including recyclates

  • Training and development: 'Introduction to materials selection and substitution: avoiding common pitfalls' 'Derisking the product development process' 'Features and functionality of medical devices through informed materials choices'

Specific projects undertaken to date include:

  • Identification of substitutes for plasticised PVC in transfusion/infusion products.

  • Formulation of technical polyolefin-TPE blends for multilayer packaging.

  • Consolidating rollstock polymers by identifying/developing new materials that provide high clarity in antistatic formats.

  • Identification of a substitute material for a legacy ICI Propathene PP Homopolymer.

  • Remedial study to address small dark particles on the surface and/or in the bulk of Polycarbonate parts.

  • Cost-performance analysis addressing the cost and performance gaps between PEEK and other high-performance polymers for a medical device application.

  • Resolution of ABS-PC delamination issue.

  • Selection of PP homopolymer and copolymer grades for optimum springback and integral hinge performance.

  • Rationale for removal of PTFE and silicone from medical device components.

  • Rationale and approach to auto-assembly of LSR valve by eliminating post cure step.

  • Remedies and approach to colour change and biocompatibility issues.

  • Evaluation and implementation of material selection best practice procedures.

  • Consolidation of rollstock polymers by identifying/developing new materials that provide high clarity in antistatic formats.

  • Relationship between haze and wall thickness in moulded and extruded parts and how to optimise transparency. 

  • Consulting activities for Silicone catheter manufacturing facilities including handling of Pt-catalysed addition cure materials, milling, extrusion, punching and drilling, tip shaping and assembly.

  • Identification of a transparent medical thermoplastic material that blocks UV light transmission.

"GPC's expertise in materials has been invaluable in optimising designs of products and developing a materials strategy for the company”

David McKernan, Advanced Engineering Director, Teleflex

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