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Product Development

Polymer materials (plastics, composites and elastomers) are found in a great number and variety of products that we have come to depend on. The safety, efficacy, cost effectiveness, manufacturability and sustainability of these products, however, depends on informed materials and product development decisions.
Our approach to new product development starts with an approach that puts user needs first and that is fully informed with respect to market constraints and opportunities, and that operates at the critical interface between materials and design. 

At GPC we help companies to avoid the pitfalls of product development by combining materials expertise with design, processing and testing experience from a diverse range of projects across many industries.

Choose your area of interest below to find out how our services, technologies and global resources can meet your requirements.

Services and related technologies include:

  • Identification of substitutes for plasticised PVC in transfusion/infusion products

  • Formulation of technical polyolefin-TPE blends for multilayer packaging

  • Generating detailed design requirements and specific performance targets

  • Feasibility studies for new materials and product concepts

  • Ideation and IP development

  • Estimating the performance of novel materials and structures

  • Component cost calculation and modelling

  • Prototype development and testing

Specific projects undertaken to date include:

  • Development of optimal springback behaviour and integral hinge performance

  • Development of plastic pontoons for floating solar application    

  • Development and testing of a novel radial artery haemostasis device

  • Development of a PVC-free containment and storage device for red blood cells

  • Automatic Transfer Processing Machine for 3-Way Urology Catheter

  • Development of FIBC outer and multilayer liner system

  • Development of novel applications for fibrous polyolefins

  • Development of gas permeability films, membranes and barrier layers for optimal performance and shelf life

  • Development of breakthrough high value recyclates in a multilayer format

“An expert in materials, processing and product development, David combines his knowledge to optimize product designs and processes. Practiced in experimentation, he has the ability to implement novel concepts and innovate naturally. He takes a measured approach to his work in order to maximize outcomes and produce exemplary results”

Angela Duffy, Venture Investment Leader, NDRC

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