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Multilayer co-extrusion

At GPC our roots are in world-class global contract manufacturing, serving pharmaceutical, medical and consumer industries. Today, we are combining that experience with advanced materials knowledge, specialist tools and product development services; an approach that is proving invaluable to clients from a diverse range of projects across many industries.

GPC has extensive experience in helping companies to respond rapidly and effectively to manufacturing problems. We save you time, effort and money by ensuring the best use of your resources, and help you to deliver outcomes that are cost effective, timely and implementable. 


Please find our services and related tools below. We would also be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services.



Services and related tools

  • Advanced material selection, modelling and development

  • Product development and pilot scale production

  • Tailored gas permeability films, membranes and barrier layers for optimal performance and shelf life

  • Novel blends and advanced polyolefins in a multilayer format up to 5 layers

  • PVC substitution solutions and equivalency studies

  • Informed material selection for sustainability and recyclability

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