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Silicone manufacturing

Silicone manufacturing

Silicone polymers, or polysiloxanes, are an important class of material that find many industrial uses. From healthcare to energy, and from transportation to construction, silicones are found in thousands of manufactured products that improve the quality of our lives. They are known for their outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, low Tg (low glass transition and therefore low temperature flexibility), sterilisability, biocompatibility, low surface tension, high spreading and wetting capabilities and high resistance to weathering and many chemicals. Silicones therefore find application is some of the most demanding applications, e.g, in wind turbines where they are used to provide lubrication, damping, electrical insulation and oil and solvent resistance.

GPC has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of silicone components using a wide variety of different silicone materials and manufacturing methods.  

Please find our services and related technologies below. We would also be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services.

Services and related technologies

  • Tooling services - save time, effort and cost by finding prototype and production moulds faster and more reliably

  • Extrusion of platinum-catalysed addition cured HCR

  • LSR moulding

  • Dip moulding

  • Optimisation and automation of work steps for increased throughput

  • Scaling silicone manufacturing operations 

  • Troubleshooting of silicone moulding and extrusion problems

  • Training and development: 'Silicone material selection implications for manufacturing operations and product performance' 'Scaling silicone manufacturing operations'

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