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European Green Deal and Chemical Sustainability Strategy (CSS)

Service Sector

The service sector is transforming global economic output and employment, with almost all countries experiencing an increase in services' share of GDP over time (World Bank, 2017, 2018). By 2017, services’ value added accounted for 65% of World GDP and 77% of North American GDP.

Given the size and importance of the service sector and its position relative to both consumers and producers, the sector is well positioned to influence responsible consumption and production of plastics materials, as well as reducing its own direct environmental impact (energy use, solid waste generation, air and water emissions). 

Please contact us to find out how our materials technologies and tools can help meet your service requirements and the needs of your customers.

“Showed deep understanding of the core issues...clear originality, with valuable original contributions to the body of knowledge…extremely well-written work…highly engaging…outstanding & demonstrates deep understanding, providing genuine insight”

'Plastics Recycling and Sustainability', Durham University

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