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Human Factors Engineering and Sustainable Development

Human factors engineering is a proven approach to ensuring the safety, usability and cost-effectiveness of engineering solutions; an approach that is becoming increasingly important in sustainable product, product-service and system design.

Selecting human factor approaches for the design of sustainable products and systems is not necessarily always an easy task, with many established and emerging approaches to choose from. GPC has conducted extensive research into the selection of human factors and related cognitive approaches for the sustainable development of plastic products and systems, and how they can be applied to addressing the the global waste management crisis.

Please find our services and related technologies below. We would also be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services.

Services and related technologies

  • Selecting and applying human factors and related cognitive approaches to sustainable development

  • Training and development: 'Introduction to Human Factors Engineering in a plastics and sustainability context' 'Proven approaches to reducing cost and risk in product, product-service and system development'

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