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David Johnson, CTO of Global Polymer Consulting, will deliver a masterclass on ‘Device features and functionality through informed materials choices’

Development of novel polymer systems has led to several innovations that have had a profound impact on human healthcare and on the growth of the modern economy. Polymers are widely used in many medical devices and the properties of these materials are often tailored for their intended use. Thus, there is a need to modify existing materials or develop new materials to meet the challenging demands of new applications.


During the training, David addresses 'Medical device features and functionality through informed materials choices'.

He will discuss:

  • Medical device development today

  • Medical materials selection criteria and challenges

  • Balancing compound properties for optimal device performance: Radiopacity and novel polymers for delivery systems

  • Antimicrobial additives and coatings

  • Low friction materials: Applications and case studies

  • Chemical resistance and transparency

  • How things are changing in the industry and how best to meet these challenges and opportunities

  • Essential things you need to know about materials databases

  • Different ways to search for a polymer or a polymer additivehow to avoid wasting time and effort investigating the wrong materials

  • Best practices for materials selection and how to avoid increased costs and product development delays

  • Discover unique materials and additives data sources

  • How to use medical materials data throughout the device lifecycle

  • Materials and processing; putting it all together, learn from real case studies

  • Having market trends and medical materials information at your fingertips


This training will provide detailed insight into how optimal device features and functionality can be achieved through informed materials decisions. David will take the class though specific materials-related challenges and give advice and suggestions on how to address these. He will also explore some pitfalls around material selection and give some tips and hints as to how they are best avoided.

These are some of the issues that he will focus on:
1. How to benchmark your material against alternatives and avoid wasting time.
2. How you can avoid expensive design and redesign iterations.
3. How often do you specify the same polymer for new devices? Why you should reconsider your approach and how to check your material choices.

4. Why materials data is not enough.

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