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We will work with you to tailor our training to meet your business and on-site project requirements. Build your own programme from topics suggested below or let us know your requirements.

  • Polymer fundamentals for medical device design

  • Essential things you need to know about material properties, processability and performance

  • How things are changing in the industry and how best to meet these challenges and opportunities

  • Introduction to materials selection: what you need to know about materials databases and avoiding common pitfalls

  • Different ways to search for a polymer or a polymer additivehow to avoid wasting time and effort investigating the wrong materials

  • Discover unique materials and additives data sources

  • How to use materials data throughout the device lifecycle

  • Informed approaches to prototype and product development: How to avoid expensive tooling design and redesign iterations

  • Developing and implementing a global materials strategy

  • Fundamentals first approach to troubleshooting: material, process and product failure case studies

  • Ensuring plastics supply chain integrity; Understanding recycled material properties, process histories and environmental impact

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