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Business development

Business development can mean growing market share and revenue but it also means being cognizant of market trends and having a longer term strategic viewpoint. For many companies this can be difficult given the normal everyday challenges of running a business. Our proven business development models and tools, coupled with specialist industry knowledge, can help bring renewed focus and insight into your current direction relative to possible future growth trajectories. 

GPC has undertaken detailed business development projects with organisations and can support your entry into new market segments and regions.


Please find our services and related tools below. We would also be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services.

Services and related tools

  • Business diversification into new markets

  • Scenario thinking and strategic action planning

  • Business plan development

  • STP modelling and marketing mix

  • Strategic redirection

  • Business turnaround

  • Partnerships, consortiums and strategic alliances

  • Training and development: 'New Venture Creation', 'De-risking the start-up development process', 'Strategic marketing principles, tools and application'

What our clients say...

"I am lucky to have met David at the Medical Technology Ireland event. An expert in materials, David has extensive and in-depth knowledge in the field of medical devices. Also, I have been deeply impressed with his business acumen, as well as GPC’s extensive global networks.  I strongly believe that all his expertise and experience will help Korean companies to grow and expand globally in a timely and effective manner"

SH Lee, Senior Consultant, Trimaran Corporation

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